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Major transactions

|   Real Estate

        □ Construction & Engineering Litigation

  • Provided legal advice and representation in civil and criminal litigation, arbitration and administrative actions in the construction industry (Hyundai E&C, Daewoo E&C, Poonglim Industrial, Samwhan, POSCO E&C, Hanshin E&C, LG CNS, World Construction, TEC Construction, Woonam Construction, Chungam Construction, etc.)

  • Represented in civil and criminal cases involving claims arising from or related to unpaid construction fees, defects, bid consortium, etc.

  • Obtained a preliminary injunction order to stop the construction relating to grand-scale engineering work 

  • Represented the client in disputes regarding construction fees in a case which Korea Rural Community Corporation ordered. 

  • Represented Hankook E&G, Daelim Industrial, DB Insurance, Samsung Insurance, etc. in litigation

  • Provided legal advice on lease agreements including contracts relating to Seoul Square (previously Daewoo Building) which located in front of Seoul Station (more than 50 cases a year)

  • Provided legal advice for Eomji House, an interior designer company, regarding its overall contracts 

  • Represented a company in administrative litigation against Yongin and construction arbitration proceedings

  • Advised on rehabilitation case of Ridge P&C

  • Represented the client in the copyright infringement case against the use of construction drawings 

  • Provided legal advice and representation in real estate trust issues(more than 150 cases)

        □ Real Estate Development & Real Estate Financing

  • Advised on Hannam the Hill Seoul development projects in Dankook university sites in Hannam-dong

  • Advised on Yangji Builthouse development projects in Yongin

  • construction companies and developers on project financingAdvised banks, insurance companies, asset management companies,

  • financingDrafted and documented of overall agreements relating to project

  • Advised clients on the acquisition and disposition of various types of  real property such as disposition of Hwado distribution center, acquisition of a part of Hanwha Investment & Securities office building, etc.

|   Criminal Case

        □ Criminal complaint, accusation

        □ Criminal legal advice

        □ Intelligence/Special/Economic Crime

        □ Trade secret and technology leak disputes

        □ Major Disaster Dispute

        □ Disputes related to laws regarding external audits of stock companies, etc.

|   Finance

        □ Issuance of Securities

  • Overseas and domestic offerings of securities (securities, bonds,  hybrid bonds, etc.)

  • Advised Korea Eximbank(the Export-Import Bank of Korea), KEB Hana Bank, Korea Resources Corporation, SK Telecom on offshore offering of debt securities

  • Advised Mando, Shinhan Financial Group on offering of hybrid bonds

        □ Listing

  • Listing on KRX: Netmarble, Mirae Asset Life Insurance, SK C&C, Jinro, Mando, LG Display, Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund, etc.

  • Listing on HKEX: Future Data Group Limited, Mando China Holdings, Me2On

  • Listing on the U.S. stock markets: KB financial Group, Webzen, Gravity

  • Listing on KRX & the U.S. stock markets: LG Display, Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund

        □ Outbound investments and M&A

  • Advised Mando, FILA, Green Cross Holdings, KDB Life

  • Advised Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, KB Kookmin Bank, Korea Housing Bank, Citi Bank, Hanmi Bank, TBroad on M&A deals

  • Provided legal advice on financial institutions and private equity funds 

  • Advised private equity funds in investment into Series A and Series B Shares in U.S. startups and venture companies

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