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LIWU is a law firm established on the belief

that competent lawyers make the best tailored results.

LIWU was established by competent attorneys who had served as judges, prosecutors and were partners at major law firms with the aim of providing the best tailored solution for clients.


With our experience in sophisticated deals and complex litigation cases, we will assist our clients with practical and comprehensive legal services that surpass the quality of major firms.

Also, We established overseas branches in Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia, and have been providing legal service for domestic corporation to want to enter overseas markets.

The professionals at LIWU Law Group provide practical, speedy and efficient solutions for even the most difficult legal issues.

We always aim to provide creative resolutions that are the most beneficial to our clients.

Best regards,

LIWU Law group

Wansu Lee, Representative Managing Partner

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LIWU Law Group

Address : (​06595) (Seocho-dong, YangJin Bldg.) 3F, 5F, 138, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

​Tel : +82-2-524-9600, 9620    Fax : +82-2-524-9696, 9688, 9655      Overseas Office : Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia(desk), Thailand(desk)

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