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Legal Advice

For legal counsel

LIWU is a law firm that keeps promises with customers and solves customer difficulties wisely.

Please make a reservation if you want to have a meeting

Bringing case-related materials to your visit for more accurate legal advice

Visiting legal counseling is conducted directly by lawyers and a consultation fee is charged

If you sign a case delegation contract with us, you will not be charged for counseling.

Attorneys may be absent for trial or outside lectures.

Consultations can be difficult on weekends and holidays.

 · Legal consultation hours : Weekday / AM 09:00 - PM 18:00

 · Lunch Time : PM 12:00 - 13:00

 · Tel : 02-524-9600 / 02-524-9620

 · Closed on weekends and holidays

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LIWU Law Group

Address : (​06595) (Seocho-dong, YangJin Bldg.) 3F, 5F, 138, Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

​Tel : +82-2-524-9600, 9620    Fax : +82-2-524-9696, 9688, 9655      Overseas Office : Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia(desk), Thailand(desk)

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