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Yongkoo Cho   Executive Partner

T. 02-524-9600      E.


Passed the 21st bar exam

Completion of the 11th Judicial Research and Training Institute

Seoul National University, College of Law (LL.B.)


Korea and Seoul Bar Association


Present Managing Partner, LIWU Law Group

1981     Republic of Korea Army Judge

1984     Judge, Incheon District Court

1986     Judge, Northern Branch, Seoul District Court

1989     Judge, Andong Branch, Daegu District Court

1991     Judge, Seoul High Court

1992     Judge, Seoul District Court

1994     Judge, Supreme Court Research Judge

1996     Chief judge of Sangju Branch, Daegu District Court

1998     Presiding Judge, Suwon District Court

1988     The head of the 1st Seoul arbitration dep., P.A.C.(~1999)

1999     Presiding Judge, Westhern Branch, Seoul District Court

2000     Presiding Judge, Seoul District Court

2002     The head of the Gyeonggi arbitration dep., P.A.C.(~2005)

2004     Chief Presiding Judge, Seoul Easthern District Court

2005     Chief Presiding Judge, Seoul Easthern District Court

2006     Residing Judge, Seoul High Court

2010     Chief Presiding Judge, Seoul High Court

2011     Chief Judge, Ulsan District Court

2012     Chief Judge, Incheon District Court

2013     Residing Judge, Seoul High Court

2015     President of Judicial Research&Training Institute

2015     Central Election Commissioner

2017     Residing Judge, Seoul Central District Court


Selected as an excellent judge (Seoul Bar Association)

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