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Sujung Kim   Partner

T. 02-524-9620      E.


Completion of Judicial Research and Training Institute (31st class)

Passed the 41st bar exam

Qualified as a New York State Attorney

New York University School of Law, USA (Master of Laws-LL.M.)

Graduated from Ewha Womans University, Department of Law

Graduated from Busan Seongil Girls' High School


Korea and Seoul Bar Association
Newyork Bar Association


Present Partner, LIWU Law Group
Seoul Family Court Chief Judge
Seoul Family Court Domestic Juvenile Judge
Daegu District Court Judge (Civil, Criminal, Etc.)
Member of the Judicial Research and Training Institute's Court Practice Summary Publication Committee
Coordinator, Supreme Court Guardianship Case Practice Research Group
Coordinator, Seoul Family Court 2017 Child Support Committee for Establishment of Child Support Calculation Standard
Singapore National University Faculty of Law (Senior Researcher)
Attorney at Sejong Law Firm


family · Civil · Criminal Case(division of property, Inheritance, Etc.)

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